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Being proud purebred dog breeders, we always strive to improve our chosen breed in all ways possible and yet retain the amazing, necessary, historical qualities as they were first developed by the original founders. Many of our breeds boast centuries of lineage, remarkable in both their indispensable performance for mankind and those intensely guarded traits that remain to this day. 

 As responsible breeders, it is our sole objective to continue to generate extraordinary soundness in mind and body, while producing dogs that conform to the written Canadian Kennel Club standard, otherwise known as the blueprint for the breed. 

 A purebred dog breeder must wear many hats, not the least of which is being a primary defender of their selected breed. Litters are carefully produced using all means available, which includes but is not limited to continual ongoing genetic testing and necessary medical intervention, ensuring that each puppy starts its' life as a thriving canine good citizen. Further, the careful choice of prospective owners who will continue to nurture and support their puppy and the breed throughout the life of the dog is paramount. This selection process can be demanding but is necessary in order to guarantee that our puppies are treasured and respected.


As responsible breeders, we pledge that each and every puppy/dog that we sell can be returned to us, at any stage of their life, if the owner is unable or in any way reluctant to retain their dog. In this way, we can unequivocally declare that dogs produced by us cannot, nor should they, become wards of the rescue system. By maintaining a strict return policy, we can sustain our breed(s). This protector approach is employed by all responsible purebred breeders of distinction and is our assurance that our puppies and dogs are carefully and thoughtfully homed and cannot slip through the cracks into obscurity.


We maintain careful and up to date paper work which includes correctly registering each puppy in our purebred litters and filing all necessary documents vigilantly so that records are correct and easily accessible in a filing system. 

Educated promotion and protection are mandatory in preventing the innumerable homeless dogs that must be 'rescued' because no one cared. We take great pride in knowing that our puppies and dogs are safe and secure with their owners. If there is a breech in the contractual structure, then we are still confident that we make the correct choice for their continued life by insisting on return without judgment. 


This is the true declaration of all responsible breeders. It is not considered lightly but rather is a profound and determined guarantee that our purebred dogs will have lifelong sanctuary in the care of a true and faithful human guardian. To do any less is not enough!!


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