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Aside from the fact that preserving the breeds that assisted man in creating civilization is important in a historical sense. Aside from the fact that dogs bred for certain jobs have certain predictable physical and mental characteristics that not only make them able to do those jobs that assist man but still help you decide which dog will suit your lifestyle and allow a happy partnership for the whole of your dog's life. Aside from those things...

Are you aware of how many millions of dollars and nights of worry have gone into creating the genetic tests identifying many diseases so we can prevent the next generation of suffering?

Are you aware of how much of the research breeders of dogs have assisted in that is being used in HUMAN medicine?

The research dog breeders have assisted in has led to advances in understanding Epilepsy, Addison's, Liver Shunt, Histeosarcoma...and so many more. This research has been done because of the dedication and funding by concerned breeders-- breeders who cried as they prepared a stillborn puppy for shipment to the University doing the research; who sent blood samples, swabs, and pedigrees to every study; who stayed away from Starbucks for months to put every saved dollar toward research...  Why?

To preserve these canine partners in our journey from caves to present in as healthy and long a life as possible.

To have predictable dogs to sit with us when we have PTSD; swim with us as lifeguards on the beach; walk or run with us to keep us healthy; search for us when we are lost or buried; hunt in our cities for disease-spreading rodents...

Please stop reviling breeders. Sure there are irresponsible breeders, but there are irresponsible people from all walks of life.

Doing away with reputable breeders. Making it harder and harder for the good ones to breed? That is exactly what the Animal Right people have been trying to get you to do. Why? Because both PETA and HSUS have a stated objective of no companion animals. Successful spay and neuter to them means no more pets in human care. Ingrid Newkirk of PETA believes they are better dead than in "captivity." Think about that.

Individuals "shop" for a horse, yet there are plenty of adoptable horses in rescue and kill pens. Why is shopping for a dog automatically bad? Maybe, like a horse, you want something specific in the animal you plan to share your life with for the next 15 years. That is smart. If you choose a breed and carefully shop for a good breeder you are helping to save a breed of dog that is a part of the history of human success.

Instead of jumping on PETA and other right-wing rescue groups bandwagons of feel good on the way to no captive animals, please consider helping the careful breeders trying to preserve animals as living monuments to human history...the purebred dog.

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